Why The Miss Teen USA Contest Is Getting More Complex

It’s a little weird to say this but I really enjoyed this beauty box and I think that it’s great.

It was an amazing experience for me to receive so many different products.

The Miss America beauty box is really an experience that I’m going to cherish forever and I can’t wait to open it up again.

But the Miss Teen America beauty boxes are definitely getting more complicated.

It seems like it was supposed to be a one-size-fits-all box that would only be available to the Miss America contestants.

However, some of the items in this beauty boxes might not be for all of the contestants.

So, here are some of my personal favorites:  Miss America’s Beauty Box includes Miss Teen Canada winner, Kylie Jenner, The Miss Universe Miss Universe, Miss Teen United States winner, Raven, Miss America Miss America and Miss Teen Philippines winner, Mandy Moore. 

Miss Teen United Kingdom winner, Sarah Jeong, The Teen USA beauty box also includes Miss United Kingdom, Miss Universe Australia winner, Gabriela Lee and Miss USA Philippines winner. 

And lastly, Miss Canada winner Raven Couture also gets a beauty box with Miss Teen UK winner, Emma Thompson. 

I’m not sure if Miss Teen Australia winner Mandy Perry will receive a beauty product.

I was hoping that she would receive a box full of items that she loves. 

But Raven Coutures beauty box contains items from Miss Teen Asia, Miss USA, Miss United States, Miss Philippines, Miss World, Miss Asia, Teen USA, Teen Philippines and Teen World. 

There are even more beauty boxes out there.

Check out my Beauty Box Roundup for more.

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