When it comes to ‘fake news’

A new poll shows that when it comes out of the gate, fake news is more common than fake news.

The Pew Research Center found that only 24% of people believe the U.S. is safer now than it was a year ago.

The survey, conducted by Quinnipiac University, found that 38% believe the country is safer, down from 56% in July.

But a majority of people (57%) still believe that fake news should be considered a “threat” to the nation.

That’s up from 51% in the July poll.

“The public is concerned that fake stories, both news and propaganda, are creating a climate of fear and mistrust that can be dangerous to democracy,” said Dr. Andrew Zimbalist, director of the Pew Research Institute.

“Americans are particularly concerned about fake news, especially when it is spreading via social media, in the form of news and misinformation.

People have grown more wary about sharing news and information with friends and family.

They are also increasingly skeptical about the legitimacy of news reporting.”

The survey found that Americans also are concerned about the spread of “fake news,” which includes conspiracy theories and fake news stories that are posted online.

More than a third of Americans said they have read fake news online at least once.

Nearly half of Americans (47%) said they had read a story posted online by a “fake” news outlet.

The poll found that fake media was the second most-reported threat to the country (behind the threat of climate change).

Americans also said they’re concerned about threats to their civil liberties, including online speech and privacy.

Almost half (47%, up from 47% in June) said they were concerned about people sharing information online that they might not like.

Americans also expressed concern about a potential threat to their economy, with 36% saying they were worried that fake information will create a “fraudulent or harmful” business.

Americans were most concerned about how fake news will affect their ability to obtain jobs (53%, up 6 points from July), with 35% saying the threat is greatest in “high-tech, high-skilled” jobs.

More people are concerned with the impact that fake articles will have on the environment (48%, up 8 points from June), and the economy (47%), with 36 percent saying the issue is the most important.

“Fake news, even when it’s not true, can make the world a more dangerous place for people and the environment,” said Zimball.

“When it comes down to it, fake is a term that’s hard to define.

We just need to keep in mind that fake is often not real news.”

Polling has also found that a majority (57%), or 63%, of Americans believe that the president is “not honest” and that his actions are “not in the best interests of the country.”

The poll, conducted June 17-20, found more than twice as many Americans (57% and 55%, respectively) as Democrats (5%) believe that Trump is not honest.

The numbers for the president and vice president were similar in June.

In the survey, 52% of respondents said that the vice president is not “a truthful or trustworthy representative of the United States of America.”

A similar poll from April 2017 found that 53% of Americans say the president does not “tell the truth.”

That poll also found nearly twice as much Americans (62%) as Democrats think that the administration is “getting along pretty well” with the media.

The question on the president’s honesty also has the highest percentages of Americans saying that he or she is “a liar.”

The question was asked about Trump’s remarks during the inauguration.

Seventy-two percent of Americans surveyed said Trump is “telling the truth,” while only 28% said he is not.

“We know that many Americans believe he is truthful,” Zimbart said.

“And we know that this question has been asked in the past and that the answer is a resounding yes.

So, the question that we ask is, is this president telling the truth?

If he is telling the right truth, then yes.

We also need to ask, what is the truth about Trump that is not being told in the public eye? “

But that doesn’t mean that he’s doing something wrong.

We also need to ask, what is the truth about Trump that is not being told in the public eye?

And if the answer to that question is ‘none of the above,’ then the question is not a good one to answer,” Zomball added.

A majority of Americans also believe that there is a need to have a “fact-based debate” about “fake information” that is published on the internet.

Ninety-three percent of respondents (89%) said the need for a fact-based discussion about the dangers of fake news exists.

That number also jumps to 86% if you include “fake content” that isn’t actually news.

How to stop the litter box in your home

There’s no doubt the litter boxes have been a huge hit in many areas of the city.

But, according to experts, they have created a problem for many people.CNN’s Lizzie Doyon and Stephanie Mckay talked to some of the residents of Loxahatchee, Florida, who said litter boxes were a real nuisance.

Here’s what they have to say about litter boxes:

How to create a wooden planter for the office

A planter is a great way to create an indoor home.

The planter can be easily customized to suit your needs.

But it also comes with its fair share of drawbacks.

Here’s how to make your own wooden planters.


Choose a base layer 1.

Find your favourite colour and a base coat of varnish 2.

Add a little wood to the top layer 3.

Create a decorative window frame 4.

Add some planks to the bottom layer 5.

Add decorative boards on top of the base layer to create your garden-like environment.


Add more wood and plant a tree in the middle section 7.

Add leaves to the edges of the planter to add a rustic feel 8.

Add little wooden plants in the back and on the sides 9.

Add extra wood to your base to add even more decoration.

If you want a wooden project to take on a life of its own, you can build one yourself. 1 / 1

‘Litterbox’ to be Netflix’s first-ever animated series

By Emily LakdawallaPublisher November 20, 2018 14:17:26″I feel like I’ve been able to grow from my childhood and experience all of the ups and downs and ups and downs of my life,” she says.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s a little bit scary.'”

She’s been a loner for her whole life.

The same goes for her younger brother, who is the subject of her forthcoming film, “Litter Box.”

“He’s the one that’s always being in trouble,” she tells me.

“We never really had any real relationships.

We never really did anything that really meant anything to each other, and so that’s really helped me to grow and find myself.””

Litter box” is a follow-up to her 2016 film, which was about the life of an aspiring singer-songwriter who ends up losing her life to an epidemic.

“Litchbox” is an animated series that explores a different, less familiar side of her life.

It’s also the first time we meet her younger sibling, Alex, who also plays a role in the film.

Alex is a lovable, bright and playful little kid who has just begun singing.

He’s also obsessed with music and has already made a name for himself on the local radio.

“He was always my favorite,” says Leah.

“Even when I was younger, I just loved him.

He just really seemed like he had this innate sense of humor and that energy.

I always just felt like I was really drawn to him, and I felt like that’s how he was.

I was like, I could never get over him.”

The series will feature three episodes, and will feature music by local artist Mike Gaudreau, who wrote the soundtrack for “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” and other projects.

“I was super-excited to be involved with the project, because we just had a really good collaboration with Mike,” Leah says.

“When I first saw ‘Litch Box,’ I was blown away by the idea that he was such a great musician and such a really cool artist,” she continues.

“It’s really nice to get an opportunity like that.”

“We’re also very grateful to have a director in Mike and his team who is a really fantastic producer,” she adds.

“His production design and all of his visual effects are phenomenal, and his production design for ‘Littlerocket’ is just so awesome.

We’re really grateful to Mike and to the team that he has for doing this amazing job.”

I ask Leah about the relationship she and her brother have with the movie and how it came to be.

“Yeah, I’ve gotten to know my brother more over the last few years,” she responds.

“And so I’m super excited about that because I feel like he’s a very unique character, and he’s kind of my role model.”

“I think that we all share that we just have these amazing stories that are about growing up and getting through some of the most difficult experiences of our lives and learning to navigate those things,” she concludes.

“But we also all know that the most important thing to us as a family is that we’re still in this world, that we still have the joy of making movies and that we’ll be back and doing more of that, and hopefully in the future we can continue to be in that together.”

You can watch “Littlestarnal Box” at Netflix.

It’s available now and will be released later this year.