Mystery box fan has a ‘cute’ mystery box to reveal in her new home

A mystery box fan in New Zealand has created a cute little home for herself.

The mystery box, which is about six feet tall and made from recycled plastic and paper, was created by fan Alyssa Horsburgh in her backyard in Christchurch.

“It’s just a box with a hole in it and a hole for a mouth,” she told ABC News.

“I love to build things.”

The box has been sitting there since it was made, and Alyssas’ friends have even taken pictures of it.

“They love it, they’re just excited,” she said.

“It really is a wonderful thing to build.”

Her hobby was originally inspired by her father, who made a box out of plastic cups that was also a mystery box.

She told ABC Radio New Zealand her father always wanted to have a mystery, and her hobby grew into something a little more personal.

“You just keep putting stuff together and it gets better and better and it grows,” she explained.

“So when you have the ability to build something yourself and it just comes out amazing, it just makes it that much more special.”

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