Why cats need to eat boxes,not litter box

Cats love boxes, and there are a plethora of different kinds of cat litter to choose from.

The big question is whether or not cats will accept a box filled with litter.

We decided to put the question to our readers.

How do cats accept a litter box?

What are their preferences?

Here are the results: The box cats love to chew and eat The cat’s paws smell it The cat looks at the litter box for the first time The cat eats the litter for the second time A box is good for cats that are not chewing or eating as much as they like A box that has a plastic liner that helps keep the litter clean is also good for them Some cats prefer a box that looks like a regular box.

For these cats, it may help to put on a mask to mask the smell of the litter.

But, if your cat is more likely to eat litter than not, then you may want to consider using a different litter box.