The Spirit Box Lunch, a new podcast that’s podcasting with boxers

Boxing in Australia has become an international sport, and the sport is not always a healthy one.

The boxers in Australia are suffering from high levels of depression, anxiety, and depression in many ways.

And as Box Lunch will tell you, the people who box are the people suffering the most from depression, too.

So what do you do to help the boxers?

The spirit box, a social media platform that lets you post messages to boxers anonymously, is about to release its fourth podcast, a one-off project that takes the form of a boxing chat show.

The podcast, called The Spiritbox Lunch, is going to be a one off project.

This week’s episode, which will be available for three weeks from today, features the voice of the boxer-turned-commentator Kevin McBride, who will be hosting the show.

“I’ve been thinking about a boxing show for quite a while, and have always wanted to do a boxing podcast,” McBride tells us.

“The idea of putting a boxer on it was a really big one to me.

I have a great love for the sport and I think it’s really important that we do a show that we can all watch and learn from.””

The Spirit Box” will feature a mix of the current crop of Australian boxers, from the likes of Tyson Fury and Anthony Mundine to the likes the current UFC champion and current Strikeforce champion Daniel Cormier.

The show is a bit of a cross between a traditional boxing show and a documentary on the history of boxing.

“There’s a lot of great documentaries on boxing,” McBRIDE says.

There’s no one, really, who’s in charge of the sport. “

It’s just a really interesting way to look at boxing.

There’s no one, really, who’s in charge of the sport.

It’s a really open-ended project.”

In terms of the story, “The Spirit Book” is the third and final book that McBRIDGE has written for Box Lunch.

In “The Book of Boxing,” he tells the story of the first Australian boxer, Anthony Mundin, in a conversation with his childhood friend, boxing legend and writer, David Brion.

The story of “The Great Fighter” is also a story that is intertwined with the sport’s history.

“A lot of people think of the Great Fighter as a fighter who lost his right eye,” McBrIDE says of Mundin’s loss.

“He’s a fighter with a history, but he’s also a fighter whose fights changed the way people look at the sport.”

“So when I was looking at ‘The Book Of Boxing,’ I was thinking of a boxer who was a fighter that changed how people looked at boxing, and that was the idea,” McbrIDE says about the story he wanted to tell.

“And what I wanted to try to do is make it more accessible for people, to make it something people can actually watch.”

McBRIDE has been working with Box Lunch to create a podcast.

“It’s about the boxer,” he says.

“We want to get it out to as many people as possible, so hopefully we can get it to 10,000 people or whatever it’s going to take to make this a podcast.”

To help McBRIDES make the podcast, he’s enlisted the help of his friend, sports journalist, and former boxer David Brison.

“David has been writing a lot about boxing, boxing and everything in between for a while,” McBRIEN says.

McBRIDGES team has also enlisted the assistance of former boxing commentator and commentator Kevin McBRADY, who has a background in boxing and social work.

“Kevin is a really great boxer, and a really good friend,” McBURY says.

He adds: “I’ve just been super excited to have a guy like Kevin on board.

He’s a great sportswriter, he has a great sense of humour, he loves boxing and I know he’s got a great appetite to help out in any way he can.”

McBURY also has the backing of “Boxing Australia,” a charity that provides boxing gear to disadvantaged children and young people.

“Boxing is really about helping kids grow up,” McBUFFEY says.

“[Boxing] has a huge impact on young people’s lives, and it’s a fantastic way to do that.”

“Boxers in boxers everywhere” is a project McBRODES has already put into motion, but it’s something he is hoping to expand on in the future.

“The spirit box is a fantastic podcast and I hope to continue doing it in the long term,” he explains.

“So I think we can do something similar with Box Box Lunch that will be a much more global thing, a global podcast, that is about the