‘I Love You, Daddy’ by Pink Box is my favorite album of 2017

I’m a huge fan of Pink Box.

Their music is catchy, infectious and catchy.

I think I might actually like this one.

It’s a nice combination of pop and soul.

I just want to like this album so much I’ll listen to it again.

This album is great, but it also has one of the biggest songs on the album, “I Love you, Daddy.”

It’s about a man who is very, very, VERY angry at a woman for cheating on him with her boyfriend, and he’s very,very angry at himself for not being able to keep her.

The song is catchy and upbeat, and it’s a great way to get through the song.

I was not expecting much from this song, and I think this is one of Pink’s best songs of the year.

I’m not a big fan of their new album, though.

I’ve always felt like the albums were too repetitive.

But this album is a lot of fun, and you can listen to Pink Box on Spotify.

This is a great album to have if you like pop music.

I love their album “A New Beginning,” which is a little bit slower, and a little more psychedelic, and is more of a dance album.

You can also get Pink Box’s latest album, The Pink Box Sessions, which is also very good.

You have to listen to them before you can really appreciate the music.

The songs are all great.

The one I’m most excited about is “I Want You.”

It is about a guy who has a really good relationship with his girlfriend.

He really cares for her, and she really cares about him.

And he has some very intense feelings for her.

But the song is really about him being really frustrated and wanting to be with someone else, and to just get rid of her.

He feels like this really messed up person, and so he doesn’t really want to get out there with her.

And so he’s really pissed off.

The girl he really wants to get back with is the girl he cheated on her with.

But he’s also really upset at himself, and this is something that he really needs to deal with.

The “I Wish” is a nice song that is about how you get over someone who is really, really annoying.

But it’s also about him realizing that it’s not his fault, and the song feels like a plea to his girlfriend, and that she really loves him.

So that’s what I really like about it.

I really love the songs on this album.

I don’t think they’ve really done a great job of keeping it interesting.

I guess I think they’re trying to keep it fun, but I don