How to box squat correctly

With the advent of box squats, many lifters are struggling with the mechanics and form of their squat.

While many are starting with a box squat for the first time, they may not have had the experience to be comfortable with it before.

Here’s how to box squats correctly.


Understanding the basics: Box squats are typically done with a single, narrow box, but box squatters also have the option of choosing a box to fit a wider range of variations.

This is important as the box will be used to support the weight and help you hold it down.

The box will also help prevent any back and ankle injuries that could occur during the squat.

This will also make it easier to maintain your form throughout the movement.

In order to perform a box-squat correctly, it’s important to understand how to hold the barbell, and how to form the movement correctly to maintain proper form.

To do this correctly, first understand how you hold the weight in your hands.

This can be difficult, but there are two ways to hold your weight: straight-arms or side-to-side.

You can use the following guidelines to learn how to safely hold the box: hold the weights parallel to your body, with the bar resting on a firm surface.