When Will Taco Bell’s Box Be Closed? | Vice News

Boxes are getting more and more common in fast food restaurants across the country, but not every chain will have one open in all locations at all times.

Now, Taco Bell is getting into the game, opening a box in the new year in the popular Taco Bell box shop in Times Square, NYC.

The Taco Bell Box is the latest addition to the chain’s ever-growing assortment of boxes.

It’s a new design that gives customers a more personalized experience with the box, but it’s not the first time the chain has opened a box.

Earlier this year, the chain opened a new box in Times New York, as well.

The box features a box-shaped logo that sits inside a plastic case.

Inside the box is a box of tacos, a tortilla, a lettuce wrap, a tomato salsa, and a tortillas with lettuce and cheese.

In between boxes of food is a large bag that can hold up to five tacos.

The box also comes with an 8.5-ounce serving of food.

Taco Bell has been open for more than 100 years, and the chain is still expanding.