‘I hope to be gone’: ‘I’ve never been in this situation before’

With the news of her husband’s death still fresh, the widow of a South Carolina man whose death was ruled a suicide, the family of Tommie Smith have spoken out.

Smith, who had been battling depression, committed suicide in January.

Smith’s death was one of the first of the 2016 US season to be ruled a homicide.

Her body was found inside the trunk of a vehicle, according to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

Smith was found at the home of her boyfriend, Daniel Lacy, who was also her boyfriend’s friend.

Lacy is accused of the killing, which was also ruled a crime.

Lacey is being held on $1 million bail.

“I hope the family understands that they are not alone and that the justice system will help them in any way possible,” Smith’s brother, Brian Smith, told ABC News.

She was a true inspiration to us all.” “

She had a heart that was bigger than life and she will be missed.

She was a true inspiration to us all.”

The suicide is a difficult situation for the Smiths and the entire family, but they say they are still in shock and will be working hard to try to get justice.

The family of Daniel Lacey has been accused of killing his wife, Tommi Smith, in a suicide.

“They are trying to get some sort of closure to what has happened, but that won’t be possible until they get justice for her,” Brian Smith said.

“Hopefully she’s going to get closure, and hopefully they get closure and hopefully we get closure.”

Smith’s family has launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral costs and funeral expenses for her family and loved ones.

The post has received over $16,000.

“For the love of Tammie, the love that we have and the love she had for our family, we are not able to give you an exact amount,” Brian wrote.

“Please do not ask for anything more than what we are asking for.

We will be there to support you and we will be praying for you.”

The post reads: “I wish we could say that our daughter is dead.

I wish that we could stop crying for her.

I have no words to say how we are so grateful for the love, support, and love of our family and friends.”

Lacy’s attorneys have denied the allegations, saying the case was closed in 2016, and that Lacy was found not guilty of the murder.

The case remains under investigation.

“While we were aware that Tommion had been struggling with mental health issues, she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor was she a danger to herself or others,” his attorney, Mark Meehan, said in a statement to ABC News’ “20/20.”

“There were no signs of domestic violence, there was no physical evidence of an altercation, there were no weapons recovered from the scene, and the evidence in the case did not show a motive for the murder,” Meeham said.

Lacking any physical evidence, and being able to provide a complete and accurate account of what happened in the home, the defense attorney told “20” that the prosecution did not offer any evidence at trial that could establish that Smith committed the murder, and therefore the case against Lacy could not proceed.

“That was not our case,” Miehan said.

The South Carolina State Police have not released any information about the case, and Lacy has not been charged with a crime, though he was charged with one count of assault and battery, a misdemeanor, and one count each of malicious wounding, assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic battery.

The State Attorney’s Office has not said whether it will file charges against Lacey in the death.

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