A new way to add safety to your box braid pattern

Box braids are a common accessory and a very popular way to decorate boxes and drawers, and they are also a very common way to draw attention to the box.

Box braiding is the technique of weaving the ends of the braids together to create a box shape, which is then finished with a border or other embellishment.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a box braided pattern that’s both cute and secure.

Box braid instructions: 1.

Lay out your pattern.

Start by laying out your box, either a rectangular box, a rectangle box, or a square box.

I used a rectangle because the shape was easier to do with a square, but you can also make the box a square.


Cut your box lengthwise to about 16 inches (43 centimeters).


Trim the ends and fold the ends in half to create an outline.


Use your pencil to draw the outline in your pattern, and then sew it onto the top of your box.


To finish the box, fold the top edge down and sew it to the top.


When finished, sew a border along the top and bottom edges of the box and finish it with an edge of a pen or a ribbon.

Box pattern instructions: This box braiding tutorial is available as a PDF download.

You can also watch the video below for a tutorial using box braiders in more detail.

Box Braiding Tutorial: A Box Braided Pattern for Two Boxes (YouTube)