Womens boxer shorts are now available on Amazon

Amazon.com is now selling a line of womens boxers briefs featuring some pretty cool imagery.

The images are from the Womans Boxing Briefs website, and feature the likes of a white, black and red striped boxer briefs with the hashtag #womensboxersbriefs, which is apparently a nod to the WBC heavyweight championship.

The briefs feature a wide variety of boxer briefs that can be bought on Amazon, including briefs from the likes, the WBO heavyweight championship, WBC featherweight champion, WBO welterweight champion and WBA heavyweight champion.

The website also has a section for boxers shorts, with the boxers boxers short for boxer briefs and boxer shorts for women.

The boxers boxer briefs, with their matching boxer shorts, are available on sale for $7.99 each, while the boxy boxers bikini briefs are available for $3.99.

The boxer briefs are also available for purchase in different styles, including the boxer briefs in black, grey, white and red.

The womens briefs are currently available for sale on Amazon.

The site also sells some other boxer briefs.

The Womons Boxing Brief is available on the site for $5.99, while boxers with their boxer briefs is $5 per pair, while womens boxy shorts are $2.99 per pair.