When the box is empty, what’s the real deal?

After all the excitement, there’s still much left to do before the next batch of movies arrives.

But with so many great films hitting theaters in 2017, it’s nice to see what’s left to be seen.

So let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the year so far:The Dark TowerThe first installment in the highly anticipated Dark Tower franchise opens in Canada on Friday.

It is the third installment in a long line of films that chronicles the life of a young man who is drawn into the world of the Gunslinger, a group of eccentric outlaws.

The film is being made with an international cast and stars Idris Elba, Idris Brolly, and David Thewlis, who plays Roland Deschain, one of the main characters.

The film’s production company, Lionsgate, released the first trailer in early December, which is one of many that have been released so far.

The trailer features the return of a familiar face and the introduction of two new characters.

The first is the mysterious Professor Roland Deschene, played by Idris Bell (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay), who has come to visit Roland to investigate his connection to the mysterious Gunslinger.

The second is Roland’s former girlfriend, Lydia (Jennifer Jason Leigh), who he finds with her boyfriend, Jake (Jake Gyllenhaal), who is a member of the group that is responsible for the deaths of his family members.

The trailers and trailers have gone on to become one of Lionsgate’s best sellers, and the film’s first trailer had a staggering 3.4 million views on YouTube.

The sequel, The Gunslinger’s Gun, will follow the events of the first film and features more action and an all-new cast.

The third film, The Tower, is scheduled to arrive in the U.S. in February.

The Maze Runner: The Scorch TrialsThe third installment of the Maze Runner franchise is expected to be released in 2019.

The movie stars Michael Shannon (Game of Thrones), who will play a bounty hunter named Nick.

The story centers on a young girl named Lola (Liam Hemsworth) who is taken in by the titular Maze Runner (Seth Grahame-Smith).

Lola eventually comes to be involved in the mystery of the Scorch Trial, where her father, a police officer named Robert, is framed for a murder.

Lionsgate released the third trailer in mid-December.

It features the arrival of Lola and two other new characters, who are introduced in a short film by Shannon.

The trailer features an all new story and features the introduction and introduction of a new character, a young boy named Sam (Sam Neill).

The film also stars James McAvoy, who will be playing a police detective named Sam Raimi (Blade Runner 2049).

The fourth and final film, A Time to Kill, is due to be directed by Guillermo del Toro and will be released on May 6, 2020.