Boxer briefs: What are the biggest differences?

Boxer Briefs, which are available at Walmart and Target stores, were designed by Nike and Adidas and are available in three sizes: XS, S, and M. Each box features a colorful, geometric design with a pattern and embroidery in the shape of a box.

According to the website, boxers “are known for their ability to stay focused, focused on their game and stay in control of their life, while they continue to wear the same shoes and socks every day.”

According to, the boxer briefs feature “the perfect balance of cushioning, support and comfort.”

The boxers are also made with “super soft cotton” and are “capable of staying on your skin and helping you stay hydrated throughout the day.”

Boxer Baskets are made from “super lightweight, soft cotton that provides superior cushioning and moisture protection while allowing for maximum mobility.”

According the company, the baskets “are designed for women with fuller legs, who want a more active fit than boxers, while keeping the comfort and style of the boxer shorts in mind.”

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