Pandoras box: A bat box to be used in Australia

A bat boxes have been created by a Melbourne woman, but are still very much in their infancy.

The box is being used to keep bats in their cages.

Ms Kym Brown, from North Melbourne, is helping to make the box a reality at the end of July.

Ms Brown, who is based in Perth, said she has a history of helping to build and maintain animal sanctuaries.

She said she is “always amazed” at how much research has gone into making the box.

“We know we can’t save the world but we can make a difference in other animals’ lives,” she said.

Ms Smith said the bat box was the first thing she and her husband, who was a pilot, had built.

The boxes can be used to store small items such as coins or eggs.

They also have built-in heating and cooling systems that can be adapted for indoor use.

Ms Bailey, who owns a flower shop in Melbourne, has also been working with her husband to create a similar box.

It is a smaller version of the one that Ms Smith is making.

“Our goal was to make something small, and this was the result,” she explained.

“It’s very small, but it can hold about 100 bat boxes.”

The box’s dimensions can be customized for each animal, and there are several sizes available.

It can hold up to five bats, and has been fitted with a water bottle holder and a built-out screen that allows for a wider range of food and water items.

The first batch of bat boxes will be ready to be delivered in early 2019.