How to get your perfect wardrobe boxes

You can’t beat the chance to dress up as a boxer or boxer shorts, but the best way to go about getting the perfect box is to make sure you get everything you need.

Here’s how to make the perfect wardrobe box for your favorite boxers.


Start by making a basic box 2.

Fill it with your favorite boxer boxer clothing 3.

Decorate it with the right boxing gear 4.

Use the boxing gear you love to help it look like a boxing ring 5.

Decide on the weight of the box and what it should look like 6.

Choose a box from one of the most popular boxing boxes 7.

Choose the best boxing gear for your box 8.

Put the box on your wrist and enjoy the boxing!


Take your box to the gym and enjoy it!


Make sure you can find your favorite boxing ring from the box you got for your boxer 10.

Find out which boxing gear will make your box look the best.