How to get your Apple TV box to work with your iPhone and iPad

Apple TV boxes and tablets can now be connected to your iPhone or iPad through Bluetooth or USB cables, making it possible to stream a box of Apple TV shows or movies to your iPad, and vice versa.

Apple announced the feature in a blog post today.

You’ll need to plug in a cable or adapter to your iOS device.

Apple said you can also use the Apple TV to control other apps and services, such as iHeartRadio.

In addition, Apple says the new feature lets you connect to any iOS device running iOS 9 or later.

Apple’s announcement came on the heels of a blogpost from the company announcing a new feature for the Apple Watch: You can connect to your watch to watch live TV and podcasts.

The blogpost noted that users can now use their watch as a remote control for Apple TV apps.

Apple Watch users will also be able to sync the Apple remote to the AppleTV, Apple TV remote app or other devices via Bluetooth.

Apple TV owners will also now be able connect their Apple TV with the Apple Remote app to make the AppleWatch appear as a “third-party remote.”

Apple TV owners can also stream Apple TV episodes on the Apple Video app.

The company also announced a new Apple TV app called Apple TV Everywhere, which lets you stream live television on a variety of devices.