Why are some turtle species so cute?

Posted by dave at 16:11:26I have been reading a lot of animal research and there is a lot I would love to know about, but it is hard to know where to start.

The answer is not as obvious as you might think.

Here is my list of some of the things I would like to know.1.

How do turtles grow and change?2.

Can turtles learn to live on land?3.

How does a turtle learn to swim?4.

How is a turtle affected by its environment?5.

How are turtles affected by their environment?6.

How will a turtle become more comfortable with its environment or other animals?7.

How can a turtle be taught to avoid certain things?8.

What are some types of environmental enrichment?9.

Can a turtle make a turtle egg?10.

Can turtle eggs be collected and sold for profit?11.

What is a hatchling turtle?12.

What kinds of nesting sites are there?13.

How much water does a hatch-ling turtle need?14.

What types of nesting holes are there in the ocean?15.

What does a nesting hole look like?16.

What type of nesting materials are there on the beach?17.

How big a hatchlings shell is?18.

What should a turtle do when its shell is in the water?19.

What can happen if a turtle is accidentally released from a nest?20.

Can an adult male turtle be released from its shell?21.

What will happen if the adult male becomes sick?22.

How many eggs do a turtle need to hatch?23.

What kind of water is a baby turtle required to swim in?24.

How far do hatchlings have to swim to reach adulthood?25.

What happens to a turtle when it dies?26.

How long will a hatchless turtle live?27.

Can you remove a hatch?28.

Can hatchlings be reared in the wild?29.

What do the names of eggs mean?30.

What sort of shell does a egg hatch in?31.

What size is the shell of a baby hatchling?32.

What species of shell is most commonly found in the shell?33.

What color is the egg shell?34.

Can I see the shell on the outside of a turtle?35.

What colors are shell and feathers?36.

What makes a turtle jump?37.

What colour is the hatchling shell?38.

How tall is the head of a hatchled turtle?39.

Can the turtle climb on the back of its shell and use it as a platform?40.

How did a turtle get its name?41.

What has happened to the shell that the turtle is stuck in?42.

How close to its shell are turtles able to get?43.

What would happen if I put a turtle in a cage?44.

Can animals in cages live in the same area?45.

How safe is it for a turtle to live in a box?46.

How old is a duck?47.

What part of a duck’s head can be seen?48.

How fast does a duck swim?49.

Can fish swim with their heads still attached?50.

How often do we see a turtle swimming?51.

What about turtles that are raised in a tank?52.

How quickly can a baby duck get around in a aquarium?53.

How important is being able to see a duck in the tank?54.

What’s in a baby bird’s egg?55.

How well do hatchling turtles do on the water surface?56.

How thick is the skin of a chick turtle?57.

How small is the turtle’s neck?58.

What other animals do hatchles look like and why?59.

Can baby turtles be born in the lab?60.

What sorts of things do hatchlings eat?61.

Can babies be kept in cages?62.

Can adults be kept inside a turtle cage?63.

Can juveniles be kept within a cage or on the surface of a water surface or in a petri dish?64.

Can young turtles be kept away from their parents?65.

Can we put eggs in turtle cages?66.

How to keep hatchling hatchlings from getting too close to one another in a room?67.

How good is a egg?68.

What the difference is between a chick and a turtle shell?69.

How hard is it to remove a egg from a hatchl