Blackhawks have new kit, new logo, new colors and a new logo fan

Chicago Blackhawks fan, Joe Hagan, had some fun with his new kit in a tweet.

The Blackhawks new kit includes the new colors of the jersey and the new logo on the back.

Check it out below.

Joe Haggans new kit has some new colors, a new jersey, and a logo.

The jersey has the Blackhawks new colors as well.

The logo on back is new as well as a new name.

Here is the new jersey.

It is black with the Blackhawks logo on it. The New York Rangers are back in town.

The Rangers had a bad year last year and they are back at home in a home game against the Panthers.

It will be interesting to see how the fans will react to this new kit.

Fans will get to see the new kit when it hits the ice on Sunday.